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From October 1st to 31st, women 25 years and up, can receive 1 hour of Biboting breast care service at Origo spa



90% and up from Breast hyperplasia and prostate problems. It is truly the safe physical therapy for you to regulate sub-health. Call us or visit our website for more information about this new service.
Brand Story of BIBOTING
In 1993, Shui Lian (founder of Biboting) was diagnosed with having fibrocystic breast disease. Her physician surgically removed the largest one, but advised her that he was unable to do so with the remaining fibroids due to them being too small. Every night after work, Shui Lian would massage her breasts to reduce the swelling and pressure caused by the fibroids.
Her husband, Liu Shida (then a electromechanical engineer and now a current chairman of Biboting) loves his wife deeply. His mind was always preoccupied with the thoughts of the remaining fibroids and all the discomfort and pain his wife had to endure. He wanted to find a way to help his wife in any way possible. He came up with an idea to develop a device that would relieve her the tedious task of manual massage with her own hands. In 1995, by combining the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, he built a meridian dredging instrument (first-generation Biboting). In a few short months of use, the instrument was able to eliminate Shui Lian's fibroids!
They introduced it to a friend who was also suffering from fibroids. Surprisingly, it rid her of fibroids as well! While refining the device and doing research, they found that modern women have higher risks of fibroids, breast hyperplasia, and breast cancer. They could not keep this to themselves and set out to promote the detoxification instrument to benefit womankind.They poured their love and energy into the development of this device and Biboting was born.
Today, Biboting has more than 20 years of experience and advanced technologies, acquiring 62 worldwide patents. And through these advancements, Biboting is no longer limited to women only, but to all those with suboptimal health.