LMANYU produced by Guangzhou ManyuTianya Biotechnology Co., Ltd. a brand established is the developer and manufacturer of LMANYU Youth Spray, the first 5-in-1 anti-aging serum in the world. This spray had already been sold in 40 countries and regions, and has 9 million users around the world. All of these show the magnetism of Man Yu Youth Spray – this age-reversing spring – as it will preserve your youthfulness and restore your beauty. With just 1 bottle, you can look 10 years younger easily! With 5 benefits in one bottle, Man Yu Youth Spray is way ahead its competitors, and achieves an irreplaceable status.


LMANYU Cleansing Liquid Peptide

Price: $28


LMANYU Youth Essence

Price $88


LMANYU Youth Spray

Price $68


LMANYU Youth Cream

Price $48


LMANYU Herbal Ointment

Price $59